Amr Abdulrahman

Now, we’re experiencing a problem with npmjs registries at Egypt, um not sure if this is a regional problem, but I don’t think so, some may have not these problems, some say it’s ISP problems, nothing clear yet …

commands like

npm i grunt -g

takes loooot of time, and 99% will fail.

What’re the solutions?

  1. Find a free and working mirror. (couldn’t find a one, walked into multiple directions, but none of them worked)
  2. Install npm-onSite, which is not free.
  3. Make your own workaround, which I went for.

Here’s how I did npm work again:

First, this is the normal flow when you use npm.


on our development server, which is located on Azure in Europe, I tried first to make sure that npm is working fine,  and yes, verified.

I thought about using this server as a proxy. and here’s how:

0) Prerequisites 

  • A VM hosted…

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