The unspoken beauty of open source

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When someone says open source, people usually think of popular free open source software that is commonly used like VLC Media Player, Blender, GNU/Linux, and Chromium.

From the software side of things, open source software is beneficial for everyone. Whether it’s the developers who fork the code or use parts of it, or the users who are assured that their software does exactly what it says it does. It definitely benefits people, and the concept of the “Black Box” is no more when you have an open source code that you can read and edit.

But, if we look at open source from a more general point of view: I, and a lot of other people, see open source as a concept. It’s the concept of sharing, collaborating, and breaking free.

A community of creative individuals that share the same goal: not letting corporations control them. With this goal in…

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Amr Abdulrahman

Now, we’re experiencing a problem with npmjs registries at Egypt, um not sure if this is a regional problem, but I don’t think so, some may have not these problems, some say it’s ISP problems, nothing clear yet …

commands like

npm i grunt -g

takes loooot of time, and 99% will fail.

What’re the solutions?

  1. Find a free and working mirror. (couldn’t find a one, walked into multiple directions, but none of them worked)
  2. Install npm-onSite, which is not free.
  3. Make your own workaround, which I went for.

Here’s how I did npm work again:

First, this is the normal flow when you use npm.


on our development server, which is located on Azure in Europe, I tried first to make sure that npm is working fine,  and yes, verified.

I thought about using this server as a proxy. and here’s how:

0) Prerequisites 

  • A VM hosted…

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